PFS Global offer a simple and cost effective solution to excessive solar heat gain and glare, which not only provides a comfortable working environment for your staff and visitors, but can also help to reduce the cost of your air conditioning and energy costs.

Solar Gain Protection

Solar gain (also known as solar heat gain or passive solar gain) refers to the increase in temperature in a space, object or structure that results from solar radiation.

Excess heat can make buildings hot and uncomfortable for staff and visitors. Our solar control window films reduce excess heat and therefore the costly use of air conditioning systems, whilst still allowing natural light through your glazing.

Sun protection window film is applied to modify the spectrophotometric properties of the glass. These films can be coloured and/or highly reflective and low emissivity. These films reduce excessive solar gain and glare.

Commercial Solar Window Film

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Solar Glare Protection

Glare from the sun can cause numerous problems all year round, whether in the long sunny days of summer or the low sun during the winter months. Solar glare makes it difficult to focus on computer screens, read and have face to face conversations.

The application of anti-glare window film will vastly reduce solar glare, but still allow natural light and the outside view through your glazing.

UV Protection

UV is one of the main contributing factors to the fading of upholstery and furnishings and can also be damaging to skin, the application of solar control window films reduces the risk by blocking potentially harmful rays.

Application of low emissivity window film will reduce the thermal transmittance (U Value) of the glass helping to reduce solar gain and glare.

Available in a wide range of grades and colours solar control window films can be applied to existing windows, our specialist team will assist you in selecting the correct film for your requirements and ensure film to glass compatibility. Speak to PFS Global today about your solar, heat and UV control requirements.

Commercial Solar Window Film