Clarifoil® Anti-Fog Film For Freezer Doors

Clarifoil® Anti-Fog Film For Freezer Doors 


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Anti-Fog Film for Freezer Doors that Saves Energy and Increase Sales

Clarifoil® Anti-Fog Film For Freezer Doors

Increase your Sales

Reach-in display freezers often fog when the doors are opened and closed in a busy retail environment. Customers cannot see the merchandise on display and as a result, sales can significantly suffer.

Clarifoil® Anti-Fog film applied on the inside surface of the door prevents fogging and maintains glass transparency enabling customers to clearly see the merchandise on offer.

Contact us and find out how you can save money and improve product displays without disruption to your business.

Proven ROI within 12 months of installation.

Save Energy

Retail freezer doors are equipped with electrical trim heaters to maintain the clarity of the glass.

Clarifoil® Anti-Fog film is designed to significantly reduce the power required by up to 6kWh per door per day. Please use our Energy Saving Calculator below to see the savings that you can make.

Clarifoil is manufactured from sustainable sources. The primary raw material used in Clarifoil is derived from wood, a naturally renewable resource.

Clarifoil® Anti-Fog Film For Freezer Doors

Additional government grants available.

Clarifoil® Anti-Fog Film For Freezer Doors

Expert Installation Service

Quickly installed by Clarifoil® Certified Installers with no disruption of sales. We know how important maintaining sales is and our install teams are experienced in working in the grocery trade. We can offer the flexibility to complete the installation when it suits you and with local store management.

Contact Us to take advantage of our trial offer for a limited time. Now is your chance to see how Clarifoil can save your business money and contribute to the global effort on reducing our carbon footprint.

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Clarifoil Energy Saving Calculator

What Energy Savings can you make?

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Calculations based on saving 6KWh per freezer door per day.


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