PFS Flexible Anchoring Systems®

PFS Flexible Anchoring Systems®

Why do I need a flexible anchoring system?

The PFS Flexible Anchoring System® will enhance the performance of safety and security window films in the event of an explosion. These systems secure the filmed glass to the frame, further reducing the risk of injury. PFS® offer a range of flexible and mechanical systems tested and certified to European and international standards.

The threat of a terrorist attack occurring anywhere in the world is acutely higher now than it has been in many years which has led to an increased need for companies to ensure the safety of their staff and visitors in the event of an explosion or bomb blast.

It is important to understand that it is impossible to completely remove the threat posed by attack, but the safety and security of your building can be greatly improved with the installation of the correct window film and glass containment anchoring system.

2019 PFS Flexible Anchoring Blast Test

What is the PFS Flexible Anchoring System®?

PFS Flexible Anchoring Systems®

The PFS Flexible Anchoring System® (PFAS) works by using a specially designed flex-zone that expands when under pressure and is designed to delay the point at which the filmed glass pane enters the interior. The flexi-zone contracts and directs the glass pane away from the building protecting all those inside.

To be effective, the glass containment system must be used in conjunction with safety or security window film. The anchoring system is fixed to both the safety film and the frame edge. Once a force is applied, the energy is absorbed by the flex-zone, ensuring that the glass and film remain within the frame.

The PFS Flexible Anchoring System has considerable advantages against fixed and silicon glass retention systems and stands out on its own in performance tests, achieving the highest performance rating of any glazing retention system available worldwide.

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Blast Tests

May 2023 Nickel Sulphide Test

PFS Global completes Nickel Sulphide testing of their market leading PFS Flexible Anchoring System (PFAS). On already fractured 6mm Toughened Glass, a 50kg weight was dropped from 450mm, 900mm and 3 TIMES from 1200mm.

The PFAS withstood the impacts without any tearing of the safety film or anchoring system from the glazing. Along with the EXV25 blast test rating achieved in 2019, PFS Global proves time and time again that their market leading Flexible Anchoring System can withstand even the toughest of real world tests.