Application of safety window film ensures that in the event of breakage, your glass will do so in a safe and controlled manner. Our safety window films will hold the glass together and in the frame to limit the risk of injury to your staff and visitors.

Our safety window films can be applied to existing glazing and transform an ordinary annealed glass into a safety glass that can be classified by BS EN 12600, previously BS6206.

As well as safety window film, further protection can be provided by using a suitable anchoring system. Protective Film Solutions offer the best performing flexible anchoring system in the world, PFS Flexible Anchoring Systems®.

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Safety Window Film

Spontaneous Glass Breakage
(Nickel Sulphide Inclusions)

Nickel Sulphide Inclusions are a naturally occurring phenomenon in glass. Impurities can be contained in the glass pane after its manufacture and toughening processes allowing small particles of nickel sulphide to be present in the glass.

Visually, you will not able to see these tiny particles of metal but they can still be present in the glass, lying completely dormant until they are aggravated.

Nickel Sulphide Inclusions have two main states, stable at high temperatures and stable at lower temperatures. When glass is heat soaked, the heat converts the Nickel Sulphide Inclusion to the high temperature state, when the glass is cooled rapidly it doesn’t allow the Nickel Sulphide Inclusion the opportunity to change to the lower temperature state. The transformation can occur over time – a glass breakage caused by nickel sulphide inclusion can happen if the inclusion is large enough and if it is located within the central portion of the glass.

Nickel Sulphide Inclusions are a rare yet accepted anomaly within glass manufacturing and no glazier processors or suppliers are able to provide a warranty against breakages from this phenomena.

PFS Flexible Anchoring Systems®
Blast & Security Window Film

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Why do I need Safety Window Film?

Glass is a fragile and delicate material, which can be very dangerous when broken. When windows or glass break, the shards of glass that they produce can pose a serious security threat to the people around it. Safety window films can help protect against broken glass, minimising the potential dangers of shattered glass. The safety window films we supply offer an efficient and effective solution to ensure your safety requirements are met.

Glass is frequently used throughout commerical properties but is always at risk of accidental damage, especially if the glass isn’t laminated or toughened. Applying safety window film can quickly and simply upgrade the glass to meet the safety film standards, decreasing the chance of it breaking and posing immediate danger. Safety window films transform glass, making it harder to break, but, if it does break, the damage caused will be minimized.

There are a range of finishes and thicknesses for safety window film, but the most popular is the clear product which naturally blends in to normal windows allowing the film to be applied without changing the appearance of the glass.

Safety window films work by adding an extra barrier on to the glass which helps protect against accidental damage. If the glass does break, the safety films ensure the broken pieces of glass stay in place without falling from the frame into jagged pieces or shards of glass.

For convenience, our safety window films can be applied to existing glass, so there is no need to buy expensive new glazing. These safety films are designed to protect against accidental damage, withstand impact protect your staff and the public all whilst keeping your commercial property safe.

Broken shop window with security screen.