A New Partnership Providing Clarity for the Grocery Sector

APRIL, 15TH, 2021 – MPH Global LLC and PFS Global Ltd. are pleased to announce a supply collaboration with Celanese Corporation to provide the comprehensive sales, installation and servicing of Celanese’s Clarifoil® anti-fog film in North America, Central America and the Caribbean markets. MPH will continue the sale and distribution of Celanese’s Clarifoil® film, while best-in-class installers PFS will provide installation, service and warranty via their nationwide network of in-house technicians. The coming together of these three entities will provide a truly turn-key solution to eliminate fog from doors, reduce energy consumption and improve product visibility.

Already the market-leading anti-fog film used by grocery retailers, case manufacturers, and glass door producers throughout Europe, the use of Clarifoil® anti-fog film in North America will accelerate via this mutually beneficial agreement between MPH, PFS and Celanese. Clarifoil®, a cellulose acetate-based film, delivers best-in-class performance for condensation removal and durability. The seasoned PFS team have retrofitted Clarifoil® anti-fog film on more than 45,000 doors, while Celanese’s other customers  have implemented its Clarifoil® anti-fog film technology on more than 1,000,000 OEM and retrofit doors.


Matt Pletcher, Managing Partner of MPH Global, shares his thoughts on the recent partnership:

“We have witnessed first-hand the quality of work of the PFS crews on job sites around the UK, and we are extremely excited to have Stephen and his team as our official installation partners. Their deep knowledge of the Clarifoil® film and thorough installation experience means our retail customers can trust them to significantly enhance their glass door displays in a professional and timely manner.”


Stephen Ball, MD of PFS Global Ltd added

“We are excited with this opportunity to work closely with Matt and the team at MPH. Their open and honest approach to business has been most refreshing and we look forward to supporting them with the installations of Clarifoil® and helping deliver the return on investment opportunities for supermarkets and C Stores already being experienced in Europe.”


Kevin Parker, Clarifoil Business Director, Celanese Corporation

“Celanese is pleased to be working with MPH Global and PFS Global to help customers realize the benefits of Clarifoil® film in their energy reduction and product visibility efforts. As a sustainable and highly aesthetic cellulose acetate film, Clarifoil®  films provide impressive performance and excellent visual appeal for managing fog and condensation on freezer doors and we are looking forward to expanding the product’s use via our supply relationship with MPH and PFS.”

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